Below is a list of frequently asked questions, along with a few links for security manuals.

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Turn off all light switches and remove anything plugged into the affected circuit. Turn the breaker handle all the way to the off position then back to on standing to the side incase the breaker trips again causing sparks to emit from panel.

What do I do if a circuit breaker trips?

A whole home surge protector is highly recommended and plugs into your electrical panel to offer a level of protection for your sensitive electronic devices from voltage intolerances.

What is a whole house surge protector and do I need one?

Your homes exterior and bathroom outlets are equipped with GFCI protection as per code. Please look for a receptacle within your bathrooms and garage that has a “test” and “reset” button on it. Press the reset button then recheck the outlets.

My outside outlets and/or bathroom outlets are not working.

Please refer to the security manuals for your system type in the troubleshooting links below.

 My security system has a trouble light showing on the keypad.

Yes, Although it is recommended to have Meridian Center Electric out to install an audible GFCI so in the event the GFCI trips you can be notified prior to your refrigerated goods being lost.

Can I plug my refrigerator or freezer into a GFCI protected circuit?

Anytime you experience the following issues:
-Flickering or dim lights.
-Burning smell from any electrical switches, outlets, or electrical panel.
-You have a 2 prong outlet and wish to plug in a 3 prong plug. (Please note adapters can be dangerous and are not recommended).
-If you need modifications to your electrical system in anyway including replacement of outlets and/or lighting fixtures.

When should I call an electrician?